Omnium Gatherum

From the northern regions of the globe, from Finland, comes Omnium Gatherum a melodic death group of crazy six known for its fierce live shows and the fresh ingenious sound. Brutal, aggressive, highly melodic and catchy but still maintaining the sophisticated originality the band is known for!


Omnium Gatherum is pushing their music ever forward to challenge the marking trend and still respect the heritage of the genre – to mix something new into the maintaining feeling of quality melodic death metal. The thing about Omnium Gatherum is that whilst making albums and touring around the world the guys have kept the pack together and keep on delivering outstanding live performances to audiences around the world. OG is its members and more there is a real feeling of a family and unity within the group that is why the band is so alive. This is truly like a natural phenomenon which keeps on growing.


The just released new album ‘Grey Heavens’ has blown both fans and critics away. Charted to 2nd position in national album chart of their home country Finland, awarded ‘album of the month’ for example in Metal Hammer and in many other medias and getting maximum rates in reviews around the world, means the album is getting more and more known throughout the metal scene. There is no stopping the moving train and OG just started touring the world again to promote this masterpiece. With the previous “Beyond” album world tour the band conquered 3 continents and played approximately 150 gigs in support for the album. More is more.
20 years and 7 albums under their belt the band have finally slowly but surely risen to the top of the game in melodic death metal.


We love the ride and welcome everyone to join us!


Markus Vanhala – Guitar
Jukka Pelkonen – Vocals
Jarmo Pikka – Drums
Aapo Koivisto – Keyboards
Joonas Koto – Guitar
Erkki Silvennoinen – Bass


2016 – Grey Heavens

2013 – Beyond

2011 – New World Shadows

2018 – The Redshift

2007 – Stuck Here On Snakes Way

2004 – Years In Waste

2003 – Spirits And August Light

2002 – Steal The Light






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Amon Amarth & Dark Tranquillity Tour 2017
24.03.2017 DE Erfurt Thüringenhalle BUY TICKETS
25.03.2017 DE Köln Palladium BUY TICKETS
26.03.2017 DE Ravensburg Oberschwabenhalle BUY TICKETS
27.03.2017 CH Pratteln Z7 BUY TICKETS
28.03.2017 IT San Donà Di Piave Revolver Music Hall
29.03.2017 IT Bologna Estragon BUY TICKETS
30.03.2017 AT Innsbruck Music Hall BUY TICKETS
31.03.2017 AT Vienna Szene
01.04.2017 AT Linz Posthof BUY TICKETS
02.04.2017 AT Graz Orpheum BUY TICKETS
03.04.2017 DE Nürnberg Hirsch BUY TICKETS
04.04.2017 DE Saarbrücken Saarlandhalle BUY TICKETS
05.04.2017 FR Besancon La Rodia BUY TICKETS
06.04.2017 FR Marseille Le Cabaret Alèatoire BUY TICKETS
07.04.2017 FR Bordeaux Le Rocher de Palmer BUY TICKETS
08.04.2017 FR Toulouse Le Bikini BUY TICKETS
09.04.2017 ES Barcelona Razzmatazz
09.04.2017 ES Barcelona Razzmatazz
10.04.2017 ES Malaga Paris 15 BUY TICKETS
11.04.2017 ES Burgos Hangar BUY TICKETS
12.04.2017 ES Zaragoza Teatro de las Esquinas BUY TICKETS
14.04.2017 FR Caen Le Cargo BUY TICKETS
15.04.2017 FR Nancy L’Autre Canal BUY TICKETS
16.04.2017 BE Vosselaar Biebob
17.04.2017 DE Leiden Gebr. Nobel
18.04.2017 DE Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal
03.08.2017 - 05.04.2017 DE Wacken Wacken Open Air
10.08.2017 ES Villena (Alicante) Leyendas del Rock BUY TICKETS
26.08.2017 AT Spital am Semmering Kaltenbach Open Air BUY TICKETS