TODTGELICHTER "Apnoe" full album stream still available until Monday!

16. April 2013

Remember folks – we have the FULL album "Apnoe" for you, brought to you in cooperation with our official partners ROCK HARD Germany and GUN SHY ASSASSIN. So if you haven’t already, you can still enjoy "Apnoe" until monday! From April 15th on, the Digi version should be available through our hopefully finished webshop, the AURAL MUSIC shop and all other obvious sources.

Here are the links:


TODTGELICHTER (Under construction)


5. April 2013

Melodic metal act Freedom Call’s balance sheet is certainly something to be proud of: the group surrounding vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay have released a total of seven studio albums (including their sensational debut Stairway To Fairyland) and two haunting live releases. Freedom Call are also ever-present live on the stage, having toured not only with the likes of Saxon, Edguy, Blind Guardian and Hammerfall, but also having played successful tours in their own right since 2010. The band performed more than 60 shows to support the release of their 2012 album Land Of The Crimson Dawn, among them 25 headliner shows all over Europe. Their exceedingly melodic songs are frequently referred to as "happy metal", and indeed Freedom Call more than deserve the title of "Happiest Metal-Band In The World". The release of Ages Of Light on 29 April 2013 (Germany: 26 April 2013, USA: 7 May 2013) is set to mark their 15th anniversary.

This full-to-the-brim best-of release includes 18 classics from their creative career to date, among them ‘We Are One’ from their 1999 debut, the anthemnic ‘Freedom Call’ off Crystal Empire (2001), ‘Warriors’ and ‘Land Of Light’ from their 2002 release Eternity, a live version of ‘Metal Invasion’ and the topical ‘Power & Glory’ off Land Of The Crimson Dawn (2012). "Those 18 numbers are usually celebrated at our gigs, or even requested with a vengeance," explains Chris Bay, who has another real ace up his sleeve: the bonus CD Masqueraded presents six Freedom Call tracks in new and unusual guises: a ska version of ‘Metal-Invasion’, ‘Mr. Evil’ as a melodic reggae track, ‘Hero On Video’ as a speed ska number and ‘Rockin’ Radio’ (which is also supported by a video clip) in a killerbilly version. Masqueraded is complemented by ‘Freedom Call’ in campfire strumming style (including music sheet/tablature) and ‘Age Of The Phoenix’ in a power swing outfit. It would hardly be possible to present these tracks more colourfully or diverse. Bay: "Our intention with Masqueraded was to inspire musicians and music fans to create their own, personal version of one of our songs – irrespective of musical style – and send it to us."

Ages Of Light combines not only the essence of the best songs from the seven Freedom Call studio recordings to date, but also marks a meeting of various former and current band members. Along with Chris Bay and guitarist Lars Rettkowitz, three different drummers can be heard on the bonus tracks: founder member Dan Zimmermann, his successors Klaus Sperling, and Ramy Ali, whom fans know from the most recent Freedom Call tour. The two bassists, Samy Saemann and original band member Ilker Ersin, and guitarist Cede Dupont, who was part of Freedom Call between 2001 and 2005, are also featured. "It was great fun to work with old and new friends alike at the studio, turning previously typical Freedom Call numbers into unusual songs," Chris Bay explains, stressing that the group will commence working on a new studio album after the tour in spring 2013: "But first we want to celebrate our anniversary in style!"


Dark Funeral Guitarist on Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary, Black Metal Fans + Being Sober (VIDEO)

3. April 2013

Watch Jasmin’s Chat with Lord Ahriman [Dark Funeral] on aol noisecreep


2. April 2013

CRYPTEX is going to be featured on iM1 Rocks on 4 April 2013 at 10pm (UTC +2).

iM1 will broadcast a full hour of Cryptex, including the Rockumentary from their latest LIVE-DVD so don’t miss it!

You can either watch it online at or
cable/satellite (please check their website for further information).

In case you’ll miss it, there will be a rerun a few days later on 9 April 2013 at 12pm (UTC +2)! 

THE NEW BLACK go underwater! And they have adventures!

22. March 2013

Album released, new video, another free track and more…

It does look a little different, indeed: Germany’s THE NEW BLACK have released the video to their new single ‘Sharkpool’, and it shows the band going up against sharks, mermaids, seabed beer drinking and chess-playing crabs. All underwater. What an adventure! As the band comments: "Yes, we actually look like that sometimes…"

Ladies & Gentlemen, here is the clip for ‘Sharkpool’:

For a limited time, Amazon offers a free download of the song here:

The track comes of the band’s third album "III: Cut Loose", which was just released via AFM Records. It shot straight to #1 of the Amazon Download Charts for Hard Rock & Heavy Metal in Germany. The whole album can be downloaded for only 5€ here:

"III: Cut Loose" was also named "Metal Hammer Album of the Week" at Bild, Germany’s biggest newspaper. The article can be seen online ( and features model Cindy Wenk, "Bild Girl 2013", who played the lead role in The New Black latest video ‘Count Me In’ ( This song is also available as a free download (

After the release of "III: Cut Loose", the band is gearing up for the Rock’n’Roll Overdose tour all over Germany in April (


‘Sharkpool’ clip:
‘Sharkpool’ free download:
Album download for 5€:


CRYPTEX – Official Tourtrailer – Animate Your Legs Tour 2013

22. March 2013

"We are very proud to announce, that CRYPTEX will support QUEENSRYCHE
on their stop in munich on the 24th of april! Don´t miss it!" 24 April 2013 DE – Theaterfabrik – München, Germany. Find TOUR-DATES here!



22. March 2013

ROCK SCIENCE is glad to announce that it will be part of the fantastic
Rock’n’Roll Overdose-Tour with five hot bands. Rock music lovers who don’t
know the game yet can change that at eight concerts in Germany! ROCK SCIENCE is the game for all rock, metal and music fans created by Nicke
Andersson (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Imperial Stat Electric) and others.

It unites all beer-fuelled discussions about rock music in one board game
with questions about bands like Kiss, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC/DC,
Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Guns N’ Roses, Venom, Pearl Jam, Sex Pistols or The
Rolling Stones. With this game you can test how good your music knowledge
and your rock skills really are.
Or as Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric) puts it: ROCK SCIENCE is "basically what you and your pals are arguing over on a Friday night put
into a game".

In addition to great bands such as Psychopunch, V8 Wixxxer, The New Black,
´77, Supercharger and Hardcore-Comedian Bembers, the Rock’n’Roll
Overdose-Tour offers more than a regular rock concert: There will be special
drinks, tattoo artist, booths, sexy angels and devils and for the first
time: ROCK SCIENCE. So, you can put your knowledge to the test right there.
There will be prizes for those who prove themselves. And every night there
will be one happy winner who can take ROCK SCIENCE home.


15. March 2013

German Thrash Metal scene is hard to imagine without Hanoverian whizz kids. Playing a proper mixture of both classic old-school and modern influences, spiced up with some Swedish Death-Metal ingredients, Cripper stands for individual cripper_band1groove-oriented Thrash Metal with ass-kicking moshparts and technical refinement.

Since 2005, the quintet around cow-elk Britta Görtz burns a swath of destruction through the European metal landscape, making marks as being a rousing live band, thrilling with dashing songs and sweaty shows. Having supported Overkill on their Killfest-Tour throughout Europe in spring 2010, Cripper go to the Caribbean to play the biggest floating metal festival ever: 70,000 Tons Of Metal.

The festival season 2011 is traveled from north to south. Cripper play e.g. at the Bang Your Head, Summer Breeze, Rock Harz, Metalfest CH, Eisenwahn and many other German and European festivals.

The third studio album "Antagonist", released in June 2012, includes 12 songs, with which Cripper shows both its old-school as well as its modern side. From deathy songs like "Animal of Prey," a hell lot of rock ‘n roll in "Clean", a chunk of hate "General Routine" or the snappy opener "New Shadow" – Cripper has become more mature and shows that with increasing enthusiasm.

Right after production and release of the new music video "Animal Of Prey" , Cripper go on European tour in autumn 2012: this time with Onslaught and Izegrim.

The next and this time more complex video production is born in March 2013. National and international shows follow, among others clubshows in Poland, Belgium and open air festivals such as Metaldays in Slovenia or Burning Sea in Croatia. And Cripper is still hungry for more!

THE NEW BLACK: Free download, guest singers and that girl from Playboy

9. March 2013

‘Count Me In’ as free download: One week before the release of their new album "III: Cut Loose", German heavy rockers offer their single as a free download.

To download: Just register at with the code "MG52K2V". Alternatively you can visit

Comments the band: "Blackies & Blackettes! Thanks for the impressive click rates and all the comments to the ‘Count Me In’ clip. Now you can take the song with you wherever you go, in the car, to the bar, visiting mom or your next stint on a red carpet somewhere. Download it, crank it! See you on March 15th in Düsseldorf or in April on the Rock’n’Roll Overdose tour!"

The clip to ‘Count Me In’ ( shows a young lady fighting off a bunch of "evil" middlefingers. The role is played by Cindy Wenk, who shortly after the filming was voted "Bild Girl 2013" by Germany’s biggest tabloid paper – and can be seen in the current issue of Playboy. There has been rumours about half the band becoming quite nervous in hindsight, while the rest plays it cool: "See? We know even before them all! Fludid was it, he knows all the beautiful ladies. Congratulations! To Cindy, not Fludid…"


"III: Cut Loose", the third album by THE NEW BLACK, will be released on March 15th. The regular edition contains 12 tracks, whereas the limited digipak version offeres another studio song as bonus and not less than four moody acoustic compositions. That’s a total of whopping 17 songs!

For the song ‘Superhuman Mission’ the band invited two old friends to the studio for some screaming: Chris Birx of Motorjesus, a group that THE NEW BLACK played their first gigs with in 2009, and Tyler Voxx of The Bulletmonks. The result: FAT!

On March 15th, the band will be playing a special release show in Düsseldorf, in April they will be part of the Rock’n’Roll Overdose tour all over Germany.


7. March 2013


We are complete again: Germany’s very own V8 Wixxxer will join the Overdose tour, since Motorjesus had to cancel their appearance two days ago. Motorjesus vocalist Chris Birx will have to undergo heart surgery with the next fex weeks. Due to this circumstance all the activities related to Motorjesus have been put on hold. Read Chris’ statement at

If you don’t know already, V8 Wixxxer are the German counterpart to the V8 Wankers, these lavishly tattooed full on Rock ‘n’ Roll-lunatics hailing from Offenbach featuring their one-of-a-kind front man Lutz Vegas. And you know what that means: full throttle, full throttle and even more full throttle! For the most part, asses are gonna be kicked in German instead of being beaten in English. However, an overdose of Rock remains a fucking overdose of Rock. Doesn’t it? Exactly. This was and is the plan of action. Furthermore, we have Rock Science on board, the second-to-none game for music freaks, plus Deathrider, the herb-flavoured liquer that promises to kick ass. What a perfect match. Stay tuned for further information. We say thanks and cheers to the V8 Wixxxer for stepping in and of course "Get well soon!" to Motorjesus scream lord Chris Birx. Let the games begin! Are you ready for the ultimate Overdose of Rock?

DARK FUNERAL announces festival shows with Emperor Magus Caligula

7. March 2013

The Swedish black metal legend DARK FUNERAL is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013 with a number of festival shows all over Europe. Formed in 1993 by Lord Ahriman the band quickly gained massive underground support by being one of the most ferocious and fastest blackmetal bands on earth. Since then they have spread their unholy gospel over the whole world and build up a loyal cult following from the coldest parts of the northern hemisphere to the hottest hell of Asia. Now it’s time to praise emc2009their diabolic past with a very special set-list on some of the summer festivals (more details soon) and also with a surprising return of their classic vocalist: Emperor Magus Caligula who left the band on good terms for personal reasons in 2010 will take over the mic again for the 2013 festivals. He was DARK FUNERAL’s frontman from 1996 to 2010 from the second album, "Vobiscum Satanas" (1998) album to the last "Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus" (2009).

DARK FUNERAL is currently looking for a permanent new vocalist. Serious applications can be send to After an extensive and exhausting tour through Asia and Australia in late 2012 the band parted ways with temporary vocalist Nachtgarm. Nonetheless, DARK FUNERAL proceed with the work on their upcoming new album as well as on re-issues of the entire DARK FUNERAL back catalogue out this year via Century Media Records.

Stay tuned for more news soon. Hail the horns!

Festivals 2013 – Featuring Emperor Magus Caligula
16.03.2013 Lausanne – Inferno [CH]
28.03.2013 Oslo – Inferno [NO]
23.06.2013 Clisson – Hellfest [FR]
28.06.2013 Dessel – Graspop Metal Meeting [BE]
27.07.2013 Lichtenvoorde – De Zwarte Cross [NL]
09.08.2013 Catton Hall Derby – Bloodstock Open Air [UK]
17.08.2013 Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze [DE]

Dark Funeral – My Funeral @ Summer Breeze 2010

THE NEW BLACK: video clip & album trailer available!

5. March 2013


German heavy rockers THE NEW BLACK do it again: their third album "III: Cut Loose" will be released on March 15th. The 17-track strong (first edition Digipak) album was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Pretty Maids) and shows THE NEW BLACK on top of their game.

First teasers are available with the video clip "Count Me In" and a brand new album trailer that includes snippets of the 12 regular album songs.

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