“Fear will consume you whole. Suffer from it, and forever be blind”.
Enter the new unnerving death-metal universe of Dictated, who are about to unleash a frightful crushing assault with “Phobos”. Mixing pure death-metal and inescapable agony, Dictated’s third full length, ‘Phobos’ is without doubt a fitting soundtrack for the experience and acknowledgement of mankind’s primal emotional instincts.
Dictated, hailing from the Netherlands, was founded by the furious female guitar tandem Jessica Otten and Sonja Schuringa. After releasing several independent EP’s and a first full length ‘Summary of Retribution’ back in 2012, Dictated has been grinding down stages throughout Europe with bands such as Sinister, Wormed, Benighted, Beheaded, Dying Fetus and Suffocation. With an extensive 3-week European tour together with Origin and Psycroptic as the highlight of the year.
Dictated attracted attention from renowned metal musicians such as Henri Sattler (God Dethroned), Jason Keyser (Ex- Skinless, Origin) and Tom Whitty (Dyscarnate), who offered their talents for the creation of the second album ‘The Deceived’ (2014) which was recorded at the Soundlodge Studio, DE. Metal Blade Records was immediately impressed and offered to release the album under its banner.
After the release, the band joined the grind-fanatics of Lividity in 2016 on yet another European tour wreaking havoc with a brand-new show and line up. At the end of the year, the band was invited to head-line an extensive Asian tour. Seizing this opportunity, Dictated became the very first European death metal band ever to set foot on some of the cities in Nepal and India.
This experience led Dictated with new creative input and drove the band into the studio (Double Impact, NL) once more. With the addition of Mendel bij de Leij (Aborted) and Julien Truchan (Benighted), who added their creativity on to the band’s new album, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.
With ‘Phobos’, Dictated is leaving behind their know-path of ‘old-school’, and add the purest of misery without the loss of their blast-beat ethics. Dictated let the public undergo the combination of death-metal adding mankind’s greatest fears, creating a seething intensity that borders on the frightful.
“So HE spoke, and ordered Deimos and Phobos to harness his horses….”


Yorick Keijzer (vocals)

Frank Schilperoort (drums)

Jessica Otten (bass)

Sonja Schuringa (guitars)

Koen Verstralen (guitars)


Phobos (2019)

The Deceived (2014)

Summary of Retribution (2010)


Alexander Studholme






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