Dvne is a 5-piece progressive rock/metal band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2013, the band was then called Dune in reference to Frank Herbert’s masterpiece of the same name; a statement of the band’s mutual obsession for Sci-fi and fantasy of all forms, the inspiration of which has continued to influence their music to this day.

With highly dynamic compositions venturing from delicate and intricate melodies to crushing and brutal soundscapes, Dvne’s music takes its listeners through a deeply emotional journey filled with dystopian thematics, grand narrative, and other-worldly landscapes.


To date, the band has released one studio album and two EPs via Scottish label Wasted State Records. They emerged within the UK scene with their first EP Progenitor (2013), shortly followed by a second EP, Aurora Majesty (2014). At their releases, both EPs received very favourable receptions, with reviewers calling their releases “Progressive metal at its best” (This Is Not A Scene – US), “Stunning and majestic” (Nine Hertz – UK), “breathtaking debut release” (The Sludgelord – UK).


Dvne quickly began to make a name for themselves in the UK and around Europe, with various tours over these territories and support shows of households names such as Eyehategod, Crowbar, Dragged Into Sunlight to name a few. The band sound at the time was already crossing over various music style including post-metal, progressive rock and sludge metal, but it is with their first full-length album Asheran that the band established further their unique blend of heavy music. Released in August 2017, on double-disc vinyl, CD and digital, Asheran was overwhelmingly praised by the press; “their best album to date […] sublime Dvne past releases” (La Planete Du Stoner Rock – FR), “boundary-pushing songs” (Metal Hammer). The album was listed on many best albums of the year lists such as Echoes and Dust listing Asheran best release of that year.


Since Asheran’s release, Dvne has toured all over the UK, Europe and North America and appeared at prestigious festivals such as Psycho Las Vegas, Desertfest London and Inferno Festival Norway to name a few.


Not content to repeat their previous releases and always looking to push their sound forward Dvne have recently finished recording their 2nd album at Chamber Studio with producer Graeme Young. This new 10 track journey will be released worldwide via Metal Blade Records in 2020.


Victor Vicart (guitar, vocals, keys)

Dudley Tait (drums)

Daniel Barter (guitar, vocals)

Jack Kavanagh (bass)

Richard Matheson (keys)


Asheran (2017)

Progenitor (2014)





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