Ghost Ship Octavius

* Former members from Nevermore and God Forbid.
* The new US progressive power metal sensation!
* For fans of Nevermore, Kamelot and Pain Of Salvation.


Formed in 2012 by guitarist Matthew Wicklund (God Forbid, HIMSA), drummer Van Williams (Nevermore) and vocalist/guitarist Adōn Fanion, Ghost Ship Octavius began writing what would become their critically acclaimed 2015 Self-Titled debut release. With foundations in Progressive Metal, GSO are forging a fresh pathway in the metal genre by exploring emotional and melodic writing firmly founded in technical playing and memorable hooks with a common theme of darkness, hope and ghostly imagery with chilling, arctic elements throughout.


Their new album “Delirium” sees GSO raising the bar in both technical ability and emotional depth and color and marks the beginning of a new Record Label partnership with Mighty Music.


“We are beyond pleased to announce joining forces with Mighty Music, bringing forth a new and exciting chapter for GSO Worldwide.” – Matthew Wicklund.


“It is no exaggeration to restate that ‘Delirium’ has to be one of the strongest releases that 2018 has delivered to date. It is a truly excellent blend of heaviness, melody, theatrics and powerful bombast with enough complexity to give the record plenty of longevity. Ghost Ship Octavius deserve to be dining at the top table of heavy metal because ‘Delirium’ is a genuinely killer record. Check it out or miss out.” – Man of Much Metal


“From the beginning to the end you stay on the edge of your chair…A must for fans of Queensrÿche, Pain Of Salvation, Nevermore and Kamelot.” -Liselotte Hegt, Aardschok 90/100 and no. 2 in the soundcheck


The first single and music video “Edge Of Time” will be released on the 14 th of December and the album release is set to the 22 nd of February 2019.


Adon Fanion – Guitars/Vocals

Matthew Wicklund – Guitars

Van Williams – Drums


2015 – Ghost Ship Octavius

2019 – Delirium


Jörg Düsedau






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