Night was formed back in 2011 with the intention of bringing back guitar-driven rock music. The band played heavily across Sweden, doing shows at both clubs and festivals such as Muskelrock, Skogsröjet, Umeå House of Metal etc, and got recognition quite fast among underground bands and audiences for being a great live act. 2012 saw the release of Night’s first official single “Stand Your Ground”, which was well received from people and magazines across the scene. With the new single, the band embarked on their first tour outside of Sweden, playing shows in Denmark and Germany, and got a great response, which earned the band some attention outside of Scandinavia.


Back home, the band started to work on new songs and their full length debut album, while still playing shows all around Sweden. The next single “Gunpowder Treason”, was released in 2013 which got covered by many magazines in Sweden and got an allround great response. The music video for the song drew alot of attention and gathered over 100 000 views in just a couple of days. By the end of the year, Night released their selftitled debut album and joined Ghost and Dead Soul on a longer, renowned tour throughout Scandinavia. The album was well received and the band kept doing shows in northern Europe. During 2014, after Linus Lundgren (drums) left the band, Night started to write and record their second album. When the recordings were completed, a two week long tour through Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia took place, breaking new grounds, and gaining a new dedicated fanbase.


At the beginning of 2015, the new single “Across the ocean” was released together with a new video that also gained great attention, and hit over 100.000 views on Youtube. Shortly after, the new album “Soldiers of Time”, was released and the band toured actively through northern Europe, playing at several festivals and clubs. With the new album, Night was given the honor of being nominated in two categories; “Best group” and ” Best rock/metal” for the annual awards of Gaffa magazine. During 2015, Calle Englund (guitars) left the band and both Joseph Max and Dennis Skoglund joined as permanent members. Later that year, Night did a tour through Finland and two shorter tours through Germany. During 2016, Night completed the work for their new upcoming album “Raft of the World”
together with doing selected festivals in Norway and Germany. After releasing their third full-length album “Raft of the World” on September 1st, Night directly went out on a longer tour together with fellow Swedish band Dead Lord, which gained the band further notice across Europe.


The following year saw Night
doing their own headline tour, which took the band out on both previously revisited places but also made them brake new ground in both Greece and the UK. With quite a good amount of shows left behind and given the wider recognition, 2019 will see Night doing selected club and festival shows as well as gearing up for a follow up to their previous critically acclaimed album ‘Raft Of The World’.


Oskar Andersson – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Sammy Ouirra – Lead Guitar
Joseph Max – Bass
Dennis Skoglund – Drums


S/T Album (2013)
Soldiers Of Time (2015)
Raft Of The World (2017)


Daniel da Silva





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