Nocturnus AD

Formed from the ashes of Nocturnus by death metal legend Mike Browning (Morbid Angel co-founder/Incubus/After Death), NOCTURNUS AD are currently putting the finishing touches on the writing of their debut LP which will be a direct continuation of where Nocturnus’ landmark album “The Key”, one of the most forward-thinking and revolutionary death metal releases of all time, left off 28 years ago.  While the NOCTURNUS AD debut LP is still a little ways off until it unleashes itself upon the feeble mortal coil, the band began basic preliminary tracking July 2018 with Jarrett Pritchard in Tampa, Florida.


Mike Browning (drums/vocals)

Demian Heftel – (guitars)

Belial Koblak (guitars/backing vocals)

Daniel Tucker (bass)

Josh Holdren (keys)


Paradox (2019)

Ethereal Tomb (1999)

Thresholds (1992)

The Key (1990)




Alan Averill





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