Once upon a time, there were three young rockers, that were meant to write Heavy Metal History. Peavy Wagner, Manni Schmidt & Christos Efthimiadis released 5 albums in one of the most successful line ups of their former Band RAGE and set the boundaries for a name, that is still successful.

Many young people were influenced by those top seller albums and still today, those songs belong to their most wanted list. After 1994, the three musicians worked and work in different Bands and continued to follow a successful musicianship: Peavy (Rage), Manni (ex-Grave Digger), Christos (Tri State Corner).

In 2014, after a long period, where they had not much contact, the three guys met again and decided to play a secret show in their German hometown Herne under the Name “Tres Hombres”. The show was never promoted, apart from mouth to mouth and Facebook to Facebook PR. As a result, this show became a real insider tip and more than 1200 followers found their way to that happening, at this late summer evening in 2014.

The band performed all their hits in the original line up and enjoyed every second of that gig, getting hungry for more – the idea of “REFUGE” was born.

The three friends decided to spend time together again and to put a show in place that will probably bring many people into a “back to the future” mood.

“Hey metalheads out there, we are very happy to announce, that we will have the opportunity to travel with you through the early years 1988-1993 one more time in the Festival Summer of 2018”.


Jörg Düsedau





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