Dragonforce´s Fred Leclercq and Joey Jordison of VIMIC (former drummer and

co-founding member of Slipknot) announce their new creation and the release of the debut album “Echoes Of The Tortured” on July 29th 2016



When you hear about artist side projects or self-styled  “all-star bands”, you usually cannot help but roll your eyes at the audacity of the creators.   However, when it comes to the extreme metal beast that is Sinsaenum,, open your mind and ears and forget your preconceptions! Whilst they may draw their sonic power from renowned names, these are first and foremost friends joining forces as the most logical thing to do.


Frenchman Frédéric Leclercq, virtuoso bass player of London-based Power Metallers DragonForce, concocted the acoustic nightmare on Sinsaenum’s first album. “I’ve been a death metal fan ever since and wrote some of these songs already in 1998, so it’s something I always wanted to do,” says the multi-instrumentalist, who sticks to the guitar on this venture. “There was never the right time though, nor did I find the proper people to pull it off.”


Eventually, Frédéric started looking for a six-string companion on his journey into the darkest discipline of metal. When he asked compatriot Stéphane Buriez, a French scene icon with Loudblast for 30 years, the front man, who is an accomplished producer and incredibly versatile player, immediately agreed.


However, it was only after an unexpected message from the US when things began to take shape. “Joey Jordison – who has recently announced the first details related to his new band Vimic – sent me an SMS to ask what I was up to, so I told him about those death metal songs.” After the former Slipknot drummer had heard the demos, he wanted to know whom Frédéric had recruited to beat the skins. As there was nobody yet, he eagerly suggested adding his own ferocious style. Joey also had the idea for the name Sinsaenum, a fitting combination of the words “sin” and “insane”.


When it came to choose a voice for the trio’s godless tunes, it actually ended up with two, the main criterion being “death metal with a clear enunciation.” The first was no other than Attila Csihar from Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem and drone masters SUNNO))), another long-time acquaintance of Leclercq’s and Jordison’s, notorious for his many registers ranging from tortured screams to throat singing. Sean Zatorsky from NWoAHM titans Dååth and Chimaira became the other vocalist, a touring pal of the guys with a growl both aggressive and articulate in the tradition of Morbid Angel’s David Vincent.


With another countryman of Frédéric’s – Heimoth, the brain of eclectic extremists Seth – completing the picture on bass, the material for Sinsaenum’s full-length was rounded off and perpetuated at different places.



The end result is titled “Echoes of the Tortured” and was mixed in Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden, where Jens Bogren (Opeth, Kreator, Devin Townsend et al.) put the finishing touches to 21 tracks that are – in one word – expansive: rife with head-splitting riffs, challenging rhythms and structures, but at once infectious, not least thanks to the powerful yet transparent production.


Despite Sinsaenum’s declared love for the roots of the genre, the album doesn’t sound retro by any means. “That’s something I was trying to avoid”, stresses Fred. “It should not come across as nostalgic but achieve some continuity based on the music I grew up with.”


“Compare it to an epic soundtrack”, he continues. “I wish to take the listener on a journey. Everything is interconnected, so you may pick particular songs, but it’s meant to be listened to as a whole. Today with iTunes and whatnot, people are choosy, whereas this is supposed to be an all-encompassing experience, forcing you to take it in as one piece of art, which is because I come from a time when you still put on a record and stuck to it till it was over.”


The band´s mastermind created a storyline to which all members contributed lyrically, just like everybody added their own touches to the instrumental side of things. The tale told is classic in every way, matching sinister songs that reconcile different schools of death and black metal, all flanked by cinematic interludes to add to the film-like character. Frédéric elaborates: “I am not religious by any account but like the imagery of horns and hell, so we don’t propagate any beliefs here, and even the satanic imagery is restricted to one song only, that being ‘Inverted Cross’. Take it as a pure narrative about darkness, chaos and evil in the vein of horror books and flicks.”


As if to underline Sinsaenum’s purely fictional approach, a jangly interlude like ‘Lullaby’ harks back to the heydays of Italian Giallo and iconic directors like Dario Argento, not to forget the striking music accompanying their works. “I love the band Goblin that wrote some of those scores. In fact, I was messing around with my own soundtrack project, thinking of a horror movie that didn’t exist yet. This composition stems from that time.”


Sinsaenum is a solidly bonded band of like-minded great musicians. “We met in Budapest to shoot the videos, and we realized that it all made sense. We spent time rehearsing and it clicked from the start, so I don’t want to call it a project any more, despite we all have another ´day-job´ with our bands. We feel a strong, unique bond between us, as if we’d been together for a long time. Now, that’s what we’re going to be.” With each member being a complete musician in his own right, they need not prove anything to anybody but themselves. For all their adeptness, they still sound like angry, hungry young men, who took risks leaving their respective comfort zones to display a holistic stance in their new band.


Sean Zatorsky – vocals
Attila Csihar – vocals
Frédéric Leclercq – guitar, bass, synth, vocals
Stephane Buriez – guitar
Heimoth – bass
Joey Jordison – drums


2016 – Echoes of the Tortured





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