As the Mayan Calendar predicted, Svartidauði released its debut album, ‘Flesh Cathedral’ in December 2012 to thunderous worldwide acclaim, followed by a handful of EPs and excessive touring and festival appearances across the continent.

Long awaited sophomore full-length ‘Revelations of the Red Sword’ followed in 2018 under the banner of legendary German imprint Ván Records, and having again reaped stellar reviews and album sales Svartidauði has followed the album up with a string of concert appearances.

Svartidauði has been renowned for offering a sinister brand of psychedelic and dissonant modern Black Metal filled with labyrinthine song structures, tribal rhythms, angular arpeggios and tortured howls yet steeped in a lyrical sense of grandeur. Onstage Svartidauði offers a nightmarish journey into a claustrophobic and oppressive inferno. With concert experience ranging from small intimate stages to main stage slots at open air festivals, Svartidauði feels their intended atmosphere comes best across under the cover of darkness.

Often named the godfathers of Icelandic Black Metal, Svartidauði gives no heed to such mundane labels but offers you instead to delve into hallucinatory soundscapes of shamanic rites and lycanthropic lust.



Sturla Viðar Jakobsson  (vocals / bass)

Þórir Garðarsson  (guitars)

Gústaf Evensen  (guitars)

Magnús Skúlason  (drums)


Revelations of the Red Sword (2018)

Untitled (2017)

Hideous Silhouettes of Lynched Gods (2016)

Synthesis of Whore and Beast (2014)

Flesh Cathedral (2012)

Split w/ Perdition (2012)

Those who Crawl and Slither shall again Inherit the Earth (2010)

Temple of Deformation (2006)


Alan Averill





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