The Hydden

Drums und Guitar meet halfway, exactly where it has to happen. No dilly-dally, no distraction, just straight to the point. This Two Man Army takes you to a journey full of intensity and drive.
The third man is you, the audience. They share the moment with their fans, facing each other so everone can see what’s going on. And there’s alot going on. It’s very intimate ,yet very loud. A two man band? Sounds more like a 4-piece, but that’s another story. Those two guys flirt with the sound and those vibes they spread out into the room. There is no escape. And the songs are too good to be forgotten.
They blend a grungie feel into their sophisticated blues-drenched dirty rock that makes it even more intriguing. And they can be heavy as f**k, taking you down where they feed your dark side which you almost forgot about (“Magnifer“, “Abandoned Places“). Taking the world by its horns, their first single “For Those Who Play“ blows you away from the first second when the bass (yes, there is one!) kicks in. But be prepared for some deeper moments (“Go For Gold“/“On A Misison“), when this two-man-show reveals profound songwriting skills, combined with hooks that could easily line up amongst some rock classics.
Even Guitar-solo lovers will be satisfied when getting to the middle part of “Mother Earth“, so what do you want more?
Nominated as one of 6 „Artists To Watch 2018“ in their home country, their second Single also hit the 200k-mark on Spotifiy. For the second half of 2018, the swiss duo set out for another tour, opening for legendary live band The Brew (UK) on their European dates. Fall 2019 awaits the critically acclaimed successor of their debut, „Vagabond Songs“.


Roger Hämmerli (guitars/vocals)

Roli Würsch (drums)


2019 – Vagabond Songs

2018 – Anthems for the Wild and Hungry





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