Year of the Goat

Year of the Goat has to date released two albums, two EP’s and one 7” single. On December 9th 2016 they will release a brand new single, covering one of their favourite artists. ”For many years Francoise Hardy has been part of our playlist while on the road. As soon as ”Song Of Winter” played the thought that we really should do a cover of it at some point always presented itself.” (Pope, Year of the Goat)


Year of the Goat was formed back in 2006 as a side project for members of other Doom and Metal bands. The band released an EP, Lucem Ferre, in 2011, that was rather well received. The band followed up with a single and Angels’ Necropolis in 2012 and the album received a Metal Hammer Award in Germany for debut of the year. After playing festivals and touring in 2012/13/14 the band recorded another EP(2014) and their second album(2015).


Hard rockin’ fans in Europe has been able to see them at festivals like Roadburn (NL), Sweden Rock (SE), Metalltown (SE), Wacken Open Air (Ger), Hellfest (Fr), Rock Hard (Ger) and many more. The club touring has so far included Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary and the tour coming up in the spring 2017 will add a few more countries to that list.


The band find most of their inspiration in music from the sixties and seventies, but some touches
of NWOBHM has snuck in there as well. Other sources of inspiration can be found in movies and
books. Their first releases were inspired by the rebellion against a genocidal and utmost evil
megalomaniac, the God of the bible, by the archangel Lucifer. One might say that album in many ways was inspired by a book, or maybe even divinely inspired. The story line can be seen as somewhat an antithesis to MiltonsParadise Lost. The second album, on the other hand, found it’s inspiration in the writings of one particular American horror writer of the early nineteen hundreds.


The sound of the band is built around three guitars and extra flavours are added through the use of the Mellotron and organs. The love of beautiful melodies, eerie atmo- spheres and contrasts shows itself in the music of the group. Some have described it as being grand, majestic, retro and somewhat progressive.


Thomas Sabbathi – vocals, guitar
Jonas Mattsson – guitar
Don Palmroos – guitar
Fredrik Hellerström – drums
Joona Hassinen – bass
Pope – mellotron, vocals


Lucem Ferre (EP/EPCD 2011) Vàn Records
This Will Be Mine (Single 2012) Vàn Records

Angels ́ Necropolis (LP/LPCD 2012) Vàn Records

The Key and the Gate (EP/EPCD 2014) Napalm Records
The Unspeakable (LP/CD 2015) Napalm Records

Song of Winter (Single 2016) Napalm Records


Alan Averill






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