18. January 2016


Following up on the earlier announcement by our friends at Steamhammer/SPV, we are just as happy and proud to announce the signing of the Swedish act Bullet.


The quintet from Växjö is among the most active groups on the Scandinavian metal scene. At the moment, Bullet are writing songs for an album that they are aiming to release in early 2017. Guitarist Hampus Klang: “We think we’ve found a good formula and direction, both in terms of our music and our songwriting. The new material will be even more heavy metal oriented than before. We’ve written some fast songs that are very NWOBHM inspired.” Bullet will record at the Pama studios in Torsås, Sweden, again, with drummer Gustav Hjortsjö doubling as their producer.

Jörg ´Schrörg` Düsedau (Dragon Productions): “I’m really looking forward to the upcoming collaboration with Bullet and to reaching the next level in cooperation with the band, their management and Steamhammer/SPV. When I saw Bullet at the Metal Hammer Paradise, I had a problem to get into the venue at the beginning of the show, because the club was overfilled. And then I found myself standing in the second row towards the end of their show, totally excited. That hasn’t happened in years. What a live band – real metal without frills. World domination’s next!”