CRYPTEX: “Animate Your Legs Tour 2013”

25. February 2013

2013-cryptex-AYL-Tour (1)

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After their successful tour as Support for "Pain Of Salvation", which led CRYPTEX across 14 countries in spring 2012, together with growing popularity and acclamation by both the european press and their live audience, young 2013 starts to emerge a strong year in the matter of live presence for these whizz kids
from Lower Saxony, Germany.

CRYPTEX will be on their first Headliner-Tour in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland in April / May
to promote their Live-DVD, released in late 2012.

After more than 130 concerts and an enthusiasticly commended release of their debut album in 2011, this extraordinary formation with frontman Simon Moskon at its head evolved into a real insiders’ tip, being a great entertainment value in Europe’s live sector.

With their music that’s "consistently caught between all stools from conviction", CRYPTEX provide the perfect refuge for romantics, dreamers, hopeless melancholiacs, partyholics, newly enamoured ones, furious ones, mourners, misfits, rebels, together with seemingly unremarkable "nine to five jobbers" to take part in an impressing journey across brute and raging compositions right up to balladic and also poppy songs.

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18.04.2013 Germany – Düsseldorf – Pitcher
19.04.2013 Germany – Köln – Underground
20.04.2013 Germany – Kaiserslautern – Bahnheim
21.04.2013 Switzerland – Pratteln – Galery
27.04.2013 Netherlands – Venlo – Perron 55
28.04.2013 Netherlands – Eibergen – Café de Stier
16.05.2013 Germany – Frankfurt a. M. – Elfer Music Club
17.05.2013 Germany – Mainz – Alexander The Great
23.05.2013 Germany – Osnabrück – Big Buttinsky
24.05.2013 Germany – Kiel – Die Pumpe