Hatesphere – New album & studio update

11. May 2013

We’ve entered the Antfarm Studio in Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (Moonspell, Sick of it All, The Haunted,DarkTranquillity etc. etc. you know the drill) to begin the recordings of our 8th album. We have worked with Tue on the past many albums as well, and the choice as him as producer was pretty easy. We’ve known and worked with him for many years, and the relaxed but yetprofessional atmosphere this co-operation gives us, makes the best possible album in the end – no doubt about it. The songs sound great, and we can’t wait to share them with all of you. The album HateSphere1will contain 9 new songs and a cover song, and even though the songs are typical HateSphere-tunes there might be a few surprises for you hidden there. More album details will follow shortly.
In the mean time check out this little update from the studio .

Have a nice summer, everybody!