19. July 2013

Facebreaker were formed in 1999, following a conversation between Janne, Roberth, Mikael and Jonas.
They had similar music tastes and decided to start a brutal and straight-forward metal band. A few
rehearsal-sessions later they added lead guitarist Janos to their line-up. Facebreakers first demo "Use Your Fist" facebreaker_band1was recorded at a local studio in the ginning of the new millennium.
In March 2001 they went back to the studio to record a promo demo called "Hate and Anger". 2002 U.K.
based Rage of Achilles Records got hold of their promo and offered the and a deal. A Rage of Achilles compilation album called Conquest For The Empire" was out in April, featuring Facebreaker along with other new signings on the label. In September Janos quit the band due to lack of time. Fortunately they knew a guitar-player named Mika and a line-up change took place.

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