PSYCHOPUNCH release a short film

13. February 2014

Swedish straight forward Rock n Rollers PSYCHOPUNCH are releasing a short film on SPV’s YouTube channel today.
This clip contains 3 songs / videos from their current album "Smakk Valley" and it was directed by Andreas Ekvall.

Psychopunch guitarist and singer JM comments: "When we got the chance to make 3 videos at the same time for our new album "Smakk Valley",
I got the idea that each video should end like an episode so that the next one could take over. Like a story. Then Jocke came up with the brilliant idea that
we should add stuff in between to make it like a real movie/film. So,said and done..ideas were tossed back and forth..what to add and what should be in it.

Intro…outro…text…characters etc etc..

A lot of the inspiration came from the movie "Sin city".

It was real easy to work with the director, Andreas Ekvall. He loved the idea we had and came up with most of the ideas to the story. We were lucky to get hold of Andreas.

It was one of Jockes friends who already made a video with Andreas who told us to get in touch him. That was a good move!

So here it is, "Smakk Valley" the movie!"