We welcome SCARRED from Luxemburg to the Dragon family!

12. February 2016

We are extremely happy to welcome SCARRED from Luxemburg to the Dragon Family!

This band will surely leave their mark in the history of modern Death Metal.


Imagine a hybrid of Gojira, Bloodbath, Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore and Pantera and you’ll get a rough idea how this awesome live act sounds like.


The band says: ‘If you take your mission of world domination seriously, you might get at a point where you just need a dragon! (Even Khaleesi needs three of them). We are proud to be chosen to ride on this mighty beast from this day on! Let the invasion begin!’


Check ’em on the web here:


‘Cinder’ Video’

‘Low’ Live Clip


Check ’em on stage here:

25.03.2016 Inferno Festival – Oslo / Norway
26.07.2016 Metaldays Open Air – Tolmin / Slovenia
06.08.2016 Roko Naktys Festival – Zarasai / Lithuania
27.10.2016 Knust – Hamburg / Germany